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UPDATE 8/30/21

Special Pricing!  Now on LESS than a chocolate shake at McDonalds!  Are you worth more than a chockolate shake?

UPDATE: 7/18/2021

I am pleased to announce, that finally, my book, HOW. The Creation Handbook is now available on  

Here’s a link to the original Colour In Your Life (C.I.Y.L.) video interview where I first mentioned the book…    A new video will be out in a few days talking about HOW. in more detail... (I will post a link here when it is availlable)

This first release of my book is a digital version which allows it to flow from device to device (phone to tablet, etc.), allowing you zip around the book, set bookmarks, highlight areas, make notes, find words and phrases –all kinds of other cool interesting stuff…  

Two paperback versions are coming out soon. The first is scheduled for the end of Sep (or sooner).  The second one is scheduled for release on 11/1/21 will be in full color, and will include an extensive index and other features. Content will be the same in all editions.  Sorry it took so long.  I could write a Country and Western song about what I have gone through to bring this to you…You would NOT believe it. I don’t believe it.  Anyway, it’s here. I hope you’ll take a look. I think you will be surprised. 

UPDATE: 2/5/2021

Halleluiah!  Published  (1817 hrs. Today)!! . It should go live on Amazon within 72 hours.   The silver edition paperback will follow shortly... and then...

UPDATE: 12/3/2020

GOOD NEWS! I am just days away from publishing!  I'm launching two paperback versions; one in color (15 full-color images) and also a "Noir" edition in black and white (scroll down and see below).  An eBook edition will also be available for your tablets, and phones. I am trying to get this out before/span Christmas (but there is always Murphy lurking...)

This first publication will be on  I will post a pre-order  link here as soon as it is available to me.   An audio
book version is in the works.

I will begin production on a Video series where I will discuss and expand upon the subjects in the book. Some of this series will be focused on "art stuff" (pardon the technical terminology). br /
Watch this site for upgrades.  Sorry it took so long to get this done.  You wouldn't believe what I've had to do to get here... I may do a video on it.

Merry Christmas!!!!  RGB

UPDATE: 8/3/2020

Okay, so here's the deal:  I am going to publish in an abridged format as described below so, I can get this out ASAP.   What I discovered, after more than 18 months of intense research, is that what I designed into the original book in 1984 and then later in 1992-94, is still, amazingly,  36 years later, NOT possible to replicate with the currently ubiquitous publishing platforms!  (There is a way I might be able produce what I want if  I want to absorb a significant financial hit and endure ridiculous legal liability
from multiple countries!  So, following my own data, I decided to simply remove the sci-fi and index modules (for the time being) and publish ASAP.  Fortunately, I designed the whole system in discrete modules with the idea that I could use them or not as needed.  The sci-fi mod was only included in the first place to inject humor and make this reference book more fun to read and to introduce the readers to the wonderful artists of yesteryear that most people will never see otherwise.  In no way was this module ever necessary to the content.  The index mod will come in a later edition.

Three decade's ago no internet existed, no cell phones, etc., the PC was still a recent invention. Good news though, with all the new stuff available to me I can and will be adding cool stuff (vid/audio clips) that I could not create way back then.  So, you will be able to read my book on your phone, Nook, I pad, etc. and get the new goodies.  There is more, to come.  You might wonder why is this taking so bloody long to produce a single book? the answer is that it is WAY more than that.  It covers the entire spectrum of things created by humans- and HOW all that works. This is a rather large subject. So, please bear with me a bit longer--a lot of new technology to absorb. . .  RGB

UPDATE: 7/15/2020

I am now well into reconfiguring my studios for video production (I changed over from painting to book editing fall 2018).  I am also deep into research on videocams, microphones, lighting etc. and of course, equipment tutorials, tutorials on which publishing platforms work best for what kinds of content and how to use each platform, etc.) mind-numbing-even if you aren't a geezer. . . Study, study, study!!! I LOVE IT!!! Creation in new mediums!  Whoopee!

The Current
Plan: 1. Paperback . 2. eBook(*enhanced) 3. Hardback (unabridged) 4. Audiobook . 5. Video series.

*Enhanced=video and audio clips in the eBook version where/if possible.


Happy Trails,


UPDATE: 6/15/2020

Here we are all are in Apocalypse mode: Coronavirus, riots etc. I’m surfing the sewage right along with you. But, I’m still on my board...hanging two.

OK. So, what’s up with the book? Here it is (very short version): fter my last update due to major flooding, I had re-pipe and repair my entire house - a massive hairball and delay-all this just before the Coronavirus hit. (foreplay?). . .

So, now I am considering publishing a special abridged Corona Version very soon. By abridged, I mean that it may not have the cool sci-fi images included and perhaps not even the index. We'll see. Everything else will would be there. This wiould enable me to publish without having to worry about getting “lawyered” into bankruptcy while I work out the details of covering what’s left of my tush for the full unabridged hardback edition.

I am not only exploring the traditional hardback, and paperback formats but also looking at the possibility of doing an audio/video book as well.

I am also considering creating series of videos related to the book - expanding on the subject of the Creation Process® and its infinite applications (including art).

To accomplish the above, (working without a net, mind you), I have been doing numerous tutorials on video production, lighting, etc., while at the same time re-tooling my studio, upgrading my computer hardware and software and researching numerous publishing platforms, various equipment, etc., etc., etc. (insert long tortured scream here)

…a rather formidable amount of stuff to absorb for a 73-old brain with only three working brain cells.

I have not updated until now for two reasons:

1. because I have had no response to previous updates causing me to wonder if anyone was actually reading them at all or gave a damn and 2. I did not want to waste the time if the answer to 1. (above) was no.

So, there it is. That’s where it stands as of this date. If I don’t short out and keel over, something should pop soon. (hopefully, not me) I’ll let you know when it does.

P.S. I have changed the title (a little)-it now reads: How. The Creation Handbook

P.P.S. This book is now even more relevant than ever before as you can also use it to re-invent your whole life (not just works of art) which is why the Covid Edition.  Just sayin. . .

Surf’s up!


UPDATE: 11/24/19

Still alive. The text of How the Creation
is done. It has been done for more than 8 weeks. A little tweeking is still to come-then the 30+- page index hairball.  As mentioned in my previous update, I want to use 50+- really cool sci-fi illustrations from previous decades/centuries and put them in a totally new context and share this wonderful art with a whole new audience and make the book more fun to read. To that end, as an artist myself, I absolutely do not want to infringe upon anyone's copyrights. So, I have to try to establish whether or not each image is in the public domain. This is really tricky. I did much of this research in the early pre-internet 1990's. I am redoing it yet again in 2019 using the internet and other 21st Century resources, including local libraries, and the Library of Congress. Ultimately (and expensively), I will be consulting with my Attorney as well.

Further complicating all this research is the fact that international copyright law is Byzantine. As I currently understand it, for an image to pass into the "public domain" in the U.S. it is the date of the artist's death plus 50 years, in most European countries it's death plus 70 years, in some South American countries it's death plus 100 years before an image can be safely used. Worse, is the fact that on many of the images, if the artist's signature appears at all, it is undecipherable. (Hard to research that).  But, I am doing the best I can to make sure I do not infringe on any of my fellow artist's copyrights. Please understand, however, I do not need any of these images to make the book work.  I can and probably will use various substitutes over time. I only wish to honor these fantastic artists whose work has so fired my own imagination and have some fun while I am at it.  I think you will appreciate the result (and hopefully,  forgive the delay).

 Anyway, that's what's up. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: 7/29/19

Sorry for not doing this update until now. I figured that my time was more usefully spent actually working on the book than telling you about how the sausage is made. Anyway I am learning many interesting things. Among them, I am very disappointed with GoDaddy's idea of mass mailing (so I could easily update you without having to write each person on the mailing list individually- That takes 2 days). Nuts. I tried these mass updates twice to see what kind of response I'd get…crickets. But I learned a lot. Some of it, may make it into the book. . .
Anyway: Also, I'm inventing all kinds of weird work-arounds to compensate for the patchwork soft/hardware I am using.. but The Book is actually coming right along. But, as I actually follow my own Magnetic North I refuse to give you a half-baked product--even if you end up forgetting why you may have asked to be on this mailing list in the first place.
I write like I paint. My last major painting, Two Hawks took nearly 1700 hours to paint. Trust me when I say that Two Hawks was a kindergarten finger-painting project compared to creating this book. Not complaining mind-you, I love it! This is what I do. I live for the challenge of passing along the secrets of the Creation Processâ so you can explore your own creative genius (and I can, in turn, learn from you…).

Currently, I am writing, editing, doing graphic artwork etc. So far, there are 50 of what I call sci-fi illustrations (7 or so more to come) as well as 14 system-specific graphics I am working on and all while not chewing gum simultaneously. Then,  there are the 30+ pages of two-column index entries on the horizon. . . the point is, it is taking WAY longer than I had hoped to get this bloody thing up to my standard so I can comfortably put my name one it and share it with you. One the one hand, I am fighting creaky multi-gen hardware and software, old age, bad attitude, carpal tunnel, no butt to sit on, and no hair to set alight… (I have reconciled myself to the fact that any possible good from the buzz generated by CIYL video has long since dissipated as I am taking so long to get this book out.. Such is life).

On the other hand, I am polishing this thing so you and I will actually use it while adding new stuff. To me, it is and always will be about the final product. Not the best model for profit. But, the best model for awesome... After all the creative issues, there are still numerous publishing, vendor. and other things to sort out. (not my…)
Okay. Enough foreplay-- realistically, it is looking like the physical book will ship around Christmas (barring  too much more help from Murphy…) A digital version will be available this fall details to follow. . .

How.  is not like any book you have ever read. It is intended to be used again and again. Since doing this update has taken time away from the book, and insanely, mass updates via my vaunted Godaddy marketing tools are a cruel joke, forget that. So, I will keep focusing on the book and continue to learn new things to share with you rather than wasting too much time on the updates that would have ended up ignored in your junk mail. . .

Comments welcome.

I will respond-- Cheers, Geoffrey

To contact me: click here: ("HOW" in the subject line)



UPDATE: 2/8/19

The book is rocking along: I am also studying video camera and studio set-up data in preperation to launch a vid channel. I want to be able to share some insigthts in a different more immediate format.

I am also re-launching LifFormz®.net which will feature products related to How. The Creation
 Handbook. More on this later... 

Thank you all for your great comments!  I read them all.  K.B.O.,   RGB

Author's Note #1: This latest iteration of this web site is in being upgraded and re-branded for How. The Creation
  (and system). The handbook/system presently exists under different names (See "A Short History" below) and has been sold in small "test editions" in various forms for the past 30 years.  I am currently upgrading the book/system to make to make it more contemporary and to offer it in various digital formats previously not in existence.  I plan on releasing this updated How. The Creation
TM version as both printed books and as various downloadable books in formats to designed to reach the burgeoning e-reader-phone-tablet markets.  As it now stands, the downloadable book will be first out of the chute in early to mid 2019.  If you would like to be notified via email as these books become available, please email me your info at: sand I will let you know when it is available.  I will shortlyl post (on this page)  images of the book in progress so you can see for yourself, that this is not mere "vaporware" but, is actually a real thing.  There is an enourmous amount of information compressed into a very small footprint so please bear with me.. .

Thank you. 

P.S. Just to assure you that this is a real book and not vaporware, here are 4 images of HOW on the walls of my studio as of  1/15/19. This one of 3 editing stations I use to work the book. just saying...


How. The Creation Handbook   Description:
  • How. The Creation Handbook is a new kind of reference book. It shows how to define and reach your goals—helping you build the desired reality.

  • How. The Creation Handbook arranges timeless principles into a logical, generic framework allowing you to plug-in and use your knowledge and experience in innovative and profitable ways.

  • How. The Creation Handbook  helps you diagnose problems and prescribe realistic solutions. It helps you stay on track, balance your perspective and make decisions you will not later regret.

  • How. The Creation Handbook  explores the Creation Process®, tracing the evolution of an idea through each phase of its transformation into physical reality. It is a 1compendium of common sense arranged in the order of efficient application. It can be effectively applied to any endeavor on any scale.

  • How. The Creation Handbook does not lecture, moralize or advocate any particular “ism, ology or ocracy.” It is not another “think-good-thoughts” or “do-what-I-do-and-be-successful” book. This is NOT a religious or theological discussion.

  • 1com pen dium,  n.  A summary of much information compressed into little space.



*A Short History of

How. The Creation Handbook

The How. The Creation Handbook odyssey officially began in 1983 with the first version of the book, entitled The Life Primer. As I studied and reflected, the book evolved. It became   American Know-How and then simply, How (the first published version). There were various other incarnations including: The Actualizer, 20-20 Foresight, C.O.Y.A., How to Think Out of the Box, How To Make it Real and then the much expanded version: Future-izer Handbook®  published in 1995 (which it remained from 1995 until 2004.  In 2004 the book morphed into the Human Operator's Manual®. Recently, given the rapidly deteriorating state of our country and the world, it occurred to me that what we desperately needed was a massive dose of "American know-how" to save ourselves.  Hence, that 1983 title was resurrected in 2011.  Now, however, it seems that this latest incarnation: How. The Creation Handbook  best captures the current state of the work  and best applies to the 21st century world situation- although all the previous titles still apply.


© 1985-2021 R. Geoffrey Blackburn  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.